A live game lasts typically between 20 and 40 minutes and it is used during events or meetings. The game will allow players to challenge each other while we project ranking and activity in real time.


To set up a live game you will need to:

  • Create the game (see tutorial)
  • Add or import players (see add tutorial or import tutorial)
  • Add or import questions. For a 20, 30 and 40-minutes session we recommend 30, 45 and 60 questions respectively (see add tutorial or import tutorial).
  • Set up advanced parameters (Pro and Enterprise edition, see tutorial). We recommend the following changes to the default values:
    • General setup
      • Show help on App: Off
    • Restrictions
      • Time left for finishing challenges before the end of the game (min.): 5
      • Min score for advanced challenge (x2): 1000
      • Min score for advanced challenge (x3): 3000
      • Min score for advanced challenge (5%): 10000
      • Max number of pending challenges : 5
  • Create a monitor (see tutorial)

To launch the game and share the ranking and activity you will need to:

During or after the game, you can follow the game through: