In this article we will show you how to activate a game after you have added questions and users.

  1. Select the game or click on the edit icon on the left side.
  2. Change the Status from Inactive to Active. The game will be activated automatically when reaching the Start date.

1.Start date

  • If the Start date and hour is previous than now, the game will be shown as Active in the app from now on and you will see the word "Active" in green.
  • If the Start date and hour is later than now, the app will show the game as Active but you will see it in black, and will be automatically start at the selected date and hour.

2. End date

  • The End date and hour will set the finishing instant for the game. The game will be shown as Inactive from the app and also on the web.
  • By default, if the game lasts several days, players will only be able to launch challenges up to 1 day before the game ends. The last day of the game will be used to complete pending challenges. If the game lasts less than 1 day, then new challenges will only be launched up to 5 minutes before the game ends.
  • The game master will be able to set the final moment to launch new challenges before the game ends.


3. Save the game

  • Click on Save before exiting the game setup at the end of the page in order to save your changes.