In Live Games, monitors are used to project ranking and activity of the game in real time. Follow these steps to create a monitor:

1. Access the game by clicking on it. Then, navigate to the upper tab labeled "Monitor."

2. Click on "Create monitor" or on an existing monitor to edit its details. 

3. Fill in the following details:

- Title: The title will be displayed in the page header. Make sure to name it in a way that you can easily identify it.

- Logo Image: Upload a logo that will be shown in the upper left corner. (Images should be a maximum size of 200KB).

- Background Image: You can upload a background image for your monitor. It will be displayed behind the ranking and activity.

Additionally, check the boxes to enable the following options:

- Show Team Ranking: If you are playing with teams, they will be displayed in the monitor if you mark this option.

- Enable Public Link: This option will create a public link that can be opened from any browser without the need for authentication on the web portal.

- Show Registered Users: This option allows you to display only those who are registered in the game.

4. After configuring the monitor with the desired options, click on "Save" to create it. 

You can then check this link to launch your monitor.