Creating a game in Atrivity is very simple! In this article we will show you how. 

When you first log into Atrivity, you should automatically see a list of all games you or other game masters in your organization have managed within Atrivity. This is our Games view. 

How to create a new game in Atrivity:

You will notice a green plus sign in different places within our web portal. The green plus makes adding new games and/or game elements simple. Click the green plus sign in the Games view to add a new game to your environment.

Choose a name for the game:

Immediately after clicking the green plus, you must enter a name for your game. After typing one in the field, select the type of game you want among our default formats (Standard, Live game, Onboarding, Long, Assessment, Permanent) and click the Create game button below.

Basic Set up of a game:

Once you create your game, you must add the Start date and End date. You can also add an avatar to your game by clicking the Load button, selecting your file and saving it to your game.

IMPORTANT: Before you can activate any game, you must configure at least 7 questions and 2 users inside your game. Please click here to learn more about how to import questions and here to see how to import users.

1. General Set Up

Here you can configure several settings related to challenges (number of questions, reading and answering time), time zone in which the game will be played and choose if the app will show help pages.

Other settings here are :

-Use Google search in answers 

-Hide/Show rankings in the app (Visible to all users)

2. Scoring system

Here you can configure the number of points earned for valid answers and for speed. You can also set the number points a player loses if they do not answer a challenge and decide whether players will earn points for trainings.

3. Restrictions

Multiple parameters exist that will help you customize your game. Click here for more information.

4. Experience Levels

Experience level is another setting aimed at giving a player an incentive to keep playing Atrivity. After completing a specific number of challenges, they receive an updated status within the game. Five different statuses exist within Atrivity:

  • Apprentice: 0 challenges
  • Advanced: 25 challenges
  • Expert: 50 challenges
  • Master: 75 challenges
  • Legend: 100 challenges

If you prefer fewer status options, you can easily inactivate one by entering the text "-1" in a field.

5. Options based on a language

This section contains many advanced features that game masters normally do not use. However, it features one important game component: invitations to players you want to play the game. 

You are probably thinking: Hey, but there are more options in the list!

Other sections appear within your game but these are more advanced settings and are not commonly used by game masters.

  • Invitations
  • Next Game
  • Integrations