In November 2021, we have added a major feature called pathways that will allow to design training pathways including multiple linked Atrivity games. We have also enabled copying games between different Atrivity Environments, which will allow companies to copy training games between different previously isolated countries or business units.

To learn more about how pathways can be configured in Atrivity, please click here.

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Please note that pathway games are only visible in Atrivity app version 9.7 or higher.

Pathways - Business goals to solve

The objective of Atrivity Pathways is solving two main business goals:

  1. Deploy training programs including different training modules.
  2. Aggregate training statistics from individual modules to global training programs.

Pathways - Use cases

Use cases for pathways are diverse:

  • Onboarding: onboarding training programs would typically include global company topics, legal or mandatory initial training and department related topics. Pathways will allow companies to link these topics into a single program.
  • Training programs: training programs go beyond isolated training activities. Whenever a trainer would need to deploy a complex training program, pathways will allow to easily schedule all activities one after the other.
  • Certification programs: a certification program might request users to achieve different knowledge objectives through the program and not just to pass a final exam. Pathways can allow players to repeat a specific module when the objective has not been achieved.
  • Digital Events: a digital event would typically include a pre-event activity such as pre-reading materials and agenda, event activities, such as live competitive games or assessments throughout the event, and a post-event activity such as a competitive reinforcement battle. A pathway would also allow to group all this activities into a global event program.

Pathways - How will they be visible in the app

A symbol in the game avatar will indicate that this game is a pathway.
A pathway consists of a series of linked games. The app will show the user his/her the past, current and next games, and also show global progress, position, score and knowledge level.
A game master may set an objective that the user should achieve to unlock next games.

Each criteria is independent from the others and may be linked to minimum knowledge level or minimum activity.

To learn more about how pathways can be configured in Atrivity, please click here.

Copy games between different environments

Now, an Atrivity game master managing different environments can reuse existing games in one environment, copying the game and the different elements of the game to a different environment.

This new feature might be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Centralise the game design and distribute to local teams.
  • Reuse game mechanics within the same organization and share among different business units.
  • Reuse game contents within the same organization and share among different countries.

Please note that a game may be originally designed as a multi-language game, and then distributed in each language according to the destination environment.

Fixes and improvements

This new release also includes some fixes and improvements:

  • General app performance and stability improvements (wow, even more!).
  • New PDF viewer for micro-contents that ensures perfect same visualization in all devices.
  • Few changes in app text translations (Atrivity is available in 25 languages!).
  • Fixed wrong calculation of daily allowed number of challenges at the end of a game in some scenarios.

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