In July 2021, we have redesigned the navigation and the game screen in order to bring some new elements to the app:

  • New fixed navigation bar
  • New design for game main screen
  • Show / hide rankings and content views

New fixed navigation screen

Now, the bottom toolbar does not change when the user navigates between the different sections of the app.

Feed, where you can find contents, communications and available games.
List of games in your environment, including Active, Catalog and Finished.
Digital library with contents wich have been stored and organized.
User information and options (password change, language, etc.)

New design for game main screen

"Launch challenge" button

The "Launch challenge" button is placed on the right so that the bottom bar is free from other elements. Also, when challenges between players are not allowed, the button will not appear on the screen

Game toolbar

Users can switch between Challenges, Rankings and Activity screens through the new game toolbar. In the Rankings screen, users can switch as usual between the existing 4 different rankings.

Advanced game options

Some extra features like invitations, pause and restart can be accessed through the advanced game options

New look and feel for posts and challenges

The post and challenge boxes have been redesigned in order to show all the relevant information in a clearer way. Take a look at the new look and feel.

Show / hide rankings and content views

Now, rankings and content views can be shown or hidden per game. This will allow the game master to hide some elements that could be sensitive depending on the audience and game objectives.


Content views