It is possible to establish direct links from a mail body or a Post to the Atrivity App. 

Then the user will be able to access directly a Game, a Collection, a Post or a message in the App without any intermediate steps.

In this way, a communication is connected to the App from the same screen. 

The definition is done in the same way as a URL hyperlink, but with this particular syntax:

Redirects the user to the specified game
Redirects the user to the collection list
Redirects the user to the specified content collection
Opens the specified content post
Opens a message that was sent to the user

  • The user will be able to access a game or an embedded communication in the App without any intermediate steps. Your device will connect you from an your Inbox to Atrivity, and it won't be necessary to exit the messenger and open the app. This way you are linked from the same screen of a communication to the App. 

  • Other use of a deeplink is to navigate between posts and messages, without leaving Atrivity neither looking up and down the feed. It can take the user to a previous post in time, or to communications from other games or from your feed.


Before editing the message or the post where the DeepLink will be included, the game identifier must be known. (Id). This case the  Id=13168

We will edit the message and set a hyperlink with some text. In the URL box we use the nomenclature rule adding at the end the Game ID of the Game we are communicating about.


Once the message has been sent with the settings set, the receiving user can directly access the post, message or game.