The collections are areas for storing and publishing Posts. In case you want to give access to some Collections and Posts to certain users and not to all by default, we can apply a visibility configuration.

How do you define the permissions to see a post in a collection?

1) Define the permission to access the collection

If the collection is public, it is seen by all users in the environment regardless of the computers and users assigned to the collection.

If you want to restrict access to specific users or computers, you will have to disable the "Is public" option and determine which users and/or computers can access it.

A user in an environment will have access to the collection if: the collection is public or the user or his computer is assigned to the collection.

2) Publish posts in the collection

When a post is published, you define to which teams and users the post will be published, and whether it is visible in the Feed, in the Collections, or both. 

In the post you can optionally configure it in a collection, as it is relevant content and it is convenient to have it in an accessible and static place.

TIP: In order to ensure a Player can see a Post in the app, you should make sure:

  • The Post was chosen to be published in Collections, not only in the Feed, and was included in a Collection.
  • The Player must have permissions to see the parent Collection, either if the Collection is public or you included specific rights for this Player or one of his/her Teams.
  • The Post was published within a Game where the Player is included, or you included specific rights for this Player or one of his/her Teams.