Starting with Atrivity version, when users log into the app for the first time, they must choose an avatar from our default options or upload their own from an image on their mobile device. However, some game masters prefer using specific images as avatars for each player, especially for those games with a theme (sports, celebrities, historical figures, etc.). In these cases, please follow the steps below to successfully integrate themed avatars into your game:

  1.  Ensure each avatar is under 200k and features the same name as the Alias for your player.
    • For a player with the Alias John Doe, name the corresponding avatar John Doe.jpg
  2. Rename all files accordingly and place them in the same folder on your computer
  3. Log into the Atrivity Web Portal and Select the Configuration button next to your game
  4. Click the Players tab and Select the Import button
  5. Scroll down to the gray box
  6. Open the folder containing the avatars you renamed
  7. Select all files
  8. Drag them into your browser used to access the Atrivity Web Portal
  9. Drop the avatars into the gray box and Atrivity will associate those images with their user profiles
  10. Scroll down to check the status of each image
  11. If any conflicts occurred, a message will appear indicating "Updated 0 users. Not found: 1"
    • In this case, review your avatars and make any modifications to the file name as needed to match the Alias with the JPG name