• Before the session
  • Preparation
  • 5-10 minutes presentation
  • 30-40 minutes effective game
  • 10 minutes closing

Before the session

  • Contents
    • 50 questions for a 30 minute game
    • 60 questions for a 45 minute game
    • 4-6 categories for post-analysis
  • Game setup as a session
    • Question scoring
      • 100 points for guessing the answer
      • 20 seconds as answer time
      • 1 point for each remaining second
      • Each correct answer will give between 100 and 120 points
    • Thresholds for advanced challenges
      • 1500 points for double challenges
      • 3000 points for triple challenges
      • 10000-20000 points for 5-10% challenges
    • Maximum number of pending challenges
      • 5 challenges
    • Time to complete pending challenges at the end of the session
      • 5 minutes
    • Restrictions
      • Normally there are no restrictions in a 30-45 minute session
      • When using teams, consider starting with no restrictions and stop challenges between team members after 10 minutes
    • General Setup
      • Show Help in App (by default this feature is enabled. However, you may deactivate it by clicking Disable)
      • When using teams, consider starting with no restrictions and stop challenges between team members after 10 minutes
    • Level of Experience
      • Apprentice: 0
      • Advanced: 5
      • Expert: 10
      • Master: 15
      • Legend: 20
  • Monitor setup
    • Name
    • Select game
    • Logo for the title
    • Background image (use 1280x800)
    • Enable / Disable teams
    • Enable public link to avoid logging in to the system to launch the monitor


  • Connect laptop to projector to test the monitor and adapt screen format. Use browser zoom to adjust size
  • Check game configuration (awards, players, teams, questions)
  • Set start date and time for 5-10 minutes after presentation and select “Active” status. Otherwise, set start date and hour as current, select “Inactive” status, and connect again after presentation to select “Active” status to start the game
  • Confirm end time with session coordinators
  • Open monitor during PPT to allow a fast transition
  • To follow the session use:
    1. 1 laptop to project session activity and 1 laptop / tablet to browse the web environment or
    2. Extend screen or the same laptop to project the monitor and browse the web environment in the same device
  • Schedule statistics notification 1 minute after the end of the session


  • The moderator or manager introduces the presenter
  • Include first slide with registration instructions if some players still have not registered
  • The presentation should be ready to strictly follow the script
    • Basic rules
    • Game mechanics with detailed instructions to launch a new challenge (animation)
    • If available, include award information just before the end of the presentation

Game follow-up: reminders

  • Points are obtained after sender and opponent have completed the challenge
  • Incomplete challenges at the end of the session will mean losing points
  • Engage players by announcing first leaders in the ranking
  • When players reach 1,500 and 3,000 points, remind them about double and triple challenges to take a risk and win more points. Forget about 5-10%
  • Pending challenges are located in the “My turn” section in the challenges section
  • Inbox is limited to 5 challenges, so players will not be allowed to launch a sixth challenge until they complete some pending challenges
  • 10 minutes before the end of the session, remind players they will have 5 minutes for new challenges and 5 more minutes to complete pending challenges
  • During the last 5 minutes, the screen will show “Game almost finished!” and players will not be able to send new challenges.
  • When the game finishes, the screen will show “Game over!” and we will wait to see no pending challenges.


  • Congratulations to winners and thanks to all
  • Award presentation
  • Statistics
    • Scorecard summary: number of challenges and questions, global correct answer ratio, answer average time
    • Scorecard ratios: 5-minute evolution for correct answer ratio and number of challenges
    • Most failed questions: the trainer or manager of the group might pick up the microphone