We added a new feature that helps you invite players to your game. Regardless of your scheduled communication plan, you can set up a welcome message that players receive when you invite them to your game. While this feature is essential for onboarding games, you can use it for any type of game, especially when inviting new users to your game after launching your first communications.

Set invitation message

1. Edit game record

2. Navigate down to Options based on the language. Click the + (green button)

3. Select the language for your message

4. Enter the name of your game

5. The description and detailed description sections represent the welcome message that players will receive in their onboarding games.

6. Available parameters correspond to information about players stored within the platform. You can use them to customize your message.

7. You can add a title to the e-mail that players will receive when you invite them to your game.

8. Use the body of the message to add game information such as dates, how to register, etc. We recommend copying the message you created as a notification in HTML format here.

9. Click Save and you now have the game invitation message configured in your game.


Send invitation to users

10. If you want to send the notification, click the Invite button located next to each user you want to invite to your game. You can always resend the invitation to users by clicking this button.

Bulk invitations

You can also send bulk invitations to users who:

  • Have not been invited previously to the game (Status: Not invited)
  • Pending acceptance of an invitation (Status: Pending)

User states in the game

The status is established on the first condition that is met:

1) If it is the Game master: Blank.

2) If the user has the game paused: Pause

3) If the user has cancelled the game (stop): Canceled

4) If the user has entered the game: Active

5) If the user has been sent an invitation: Pending

6 )Otherwise: "Not invited".