We've made some changes: retaME is now called Atrivity


retaMe has changed it's name to Atrivity. Along with our new name, we've made some improvements to the app and to our website. If you're a current customer, don't worry you can continue to use the app without any disruptions to their service. 

Free, Pro and Enterprise versions

In addition to our Enterprise version, we're introducing two new versions. A free version, allows users to design a game for up to 5 players and is a great option for a proof of concept test. Our Pro version, allows users to create and activate games for up to 25 players. Pro includes customization options and includes live events in a monthly subscription service aimed at trainers and small businesses. 

The Enterprise version continues to offer multiple configuration options, notifications, equipment set-up and previous advanced functionalities.

Learn more at http://www.atrivity.com/pricing/

New Image Notification and Storage Editor


The updated notifications editor offers improved usability and extended functions. You can now insert images, tables, hyperlinks and other elements with the direct editor option. By offering a private storage space for each environment, customers can now upload and reuse images. To load an reuse images, simply insert an image from the editor, load it from your files and edit properties for size. 

Game Duplication


Re-use work with the ability to duplicate games. Replicating settings and questions saves time and allows for easy editing. Users are not replicated allowing game managers to re-use material for across groups. 



This functionality will to continue to grow, and we plan on offering duplication of players and notifications in the near future. 


Profile Update

A global profile allows use of Compettia across multiple game environment. A user can now be both a Game Master in one environment and a player in another. This allows users to manage environments (including analyzing results) and gives them the option to be a player in another game.

Game Master Users From Multiple Environments

In our previous version, Game Master could not manage users with profiles in other environments. With this update, they now have the ability to manage users who are playing across multiple environments. Companies with multiple brands or subsidiaries are now able to manage users in both a central and local environment.

New Customer Success Resources

Customer Success Portal

The Customer Success Portal offers a knowledge base of tutorials and articles to help you get he most from the Atrivity platform, including managed support and online help as well as functional guides, best practices, advice for game creation, and more. 


Atrivity tutorials guide you step by step through the platform. These intuitive guides offer help with game creation- from adding questions and users, to analysis options, you'll find it all here. Tutorials are added on an ongoing basis in order to share the latest resources. 

Online help

We're here to help with anything you need, at any time. Online help is now available via chat within our management web environment in the Customer Success portal. You'll have direct to service reps available in chat, and outside of business hours, we will follow-up as soon as possible.

Online Training (Free and Pro versions)

Training via webinar is available to all Free and Pro users. For advise on how to configure live and remote games, troubleshooting and more you can join a webinar and ask questions about game management.