Atrivity questions can include images both in the question and in the answers.

Before adding images, If you would like to know more about how to import questions, click here.

Image file names

The system can assign images to the corresponding questions automatically. In order to do this, you will need to name the image files according to the Question Code, the following way.

For questions, name the file as:

  • <question_code>.jpg

For answers, name the files as:

  • Correct answer: <question_code>#a.jpg
  • Alternative answer 1: <question_code>#b.jpg
  • Alternative answer 2: <question_code>#c.jpg

Please note that A, B and C are just a convention to determine that the correct one will be A, and the incorrect will be B and C. The app will show A, B and C randomly for the users, so the correct answer will obviously not be always A.

Image file size

The file size can not be larger than 200kbs. If your files are bigger it is probably because of the image resolution or the file type. Use a resize tool to reduce the resolution to 800x800 or 600x600 pixels. And convert your files to JPG compressed files instead of PNG uncompressed files.

Answers without text

When adding images to the answers, you could choose not to add any text to the answers and consider only the images to answer the question. Since the text of the question and answers can not be left empty, you should fill the answers with the text "<null>". The system will then recognize that you would like to have only A, B, C options in the answers.


To import all the images at the same time, use the Import pictures section and choose to drag and drop or click to select files.


The following examples show different situations:

  • Example 1: image associated to the question
  • Example 2: 3 images associated to the answers, with no text (remember to fill the file with a "<null>" text in the answers.
  • Example 3: 3 images associated to the answers, with specific answer texts. The system will add a random A, B, C prefix.