We want to announce, as we informed during the feed webinar last September 12, that we have included in Atrivity a powerful solution to make communication more impactful and the knowledge more fun: the Feed. We will transform the employee's or player's experience, and change the way of communicating and sharing the key content while measuring its comprehension.


The feed webinar is available on demand following this link:: https://try.atrivity.com/atrivity-feed-webinar-en/ 

Continue reading for more details about the Feed.


We incorporate a new concept of Communications, replacing the previous Notifications, and include Messages and Posts. Messages are sent to players via app or email, and can contain user parameters to customize the version for each player. Posts are only published in the Feed and are not physically sent to users.

How does the Feed work?

When accessing Atrivity, you will be able to see the active Games in which you are participating and the Feed with all the global or specific Communications of your games.
For each Communication published in the Feed you will be able to see the number of visualizations, in case it includes challenges you will be able to track the completed challenges vs total received and a mark for unread communications.

You will be able to sort the communications of the Feed and filter by the type of message contained and by specific games.

Posts types

The Feed supports text posts (customizable by html), micro-contents, links to external sources and links to videos.

Integration of challenges linked to communications

Now, the challenges associated with communications are fully integrated, facilitating the user experience to review content, answer challenges, and track unanswered challenges.

Everything stays the same with games

The bottom bar allows players to navigate between Settings Options (account, password, languages, etc.), Feed and Games.

Navigating to the Games takes you to the list of games available to the player and from there you can access each game. If you are registered in different Atrivity environments, you will access the list of available environments.

The bar indicates the Communications not read in the Feed and the challenges not answered in the Games.

We hope that these new features will help you to strengthen the Communication actions in your company related to the Atrivity activities. We will keep you informed about the next updates in the Feed and any feature of the Atrivity solution.

For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager at Compettia, access our Support Service via email support@compettia.com or access the Atrivity Knowledge Base at https://support.atrivity.com.