When playing a Live Game, the monitor is a valuable tool used to project the ranking and activity of the game in real-time. If you haven't created a Live Game Monitor yet, please refer to our guide on how to create one here.

There are two available options to launch the monitor:

Option 1: Launch Monitor

To launch the monitor:

1. Click on "Launch monitor".

2. The monitor's screen will be displayed in the same language as your web environment.

Option 2: Show Monitor (Public Link)

If you've previously enabled the public link, you can access the monitor by following these steps:

1. Click on the monitor name to edit its details.

2. Copy the link you have previously enabled.

3. Paste and open the copied public link in any browser anonymously.

The Monitor:

The Live Game Monitor provides the following information:

  1. Game Status:
    • Not started: Before the start date.
    • Game in progress: Active game with new challenges.
    • Game about to finish: No new challenges allowed.
    • Game over: After the end of the game.
  2. Time: Displays the countdown before the end of the active game.
  3. Players: Number of active players
  4. Challenges:
    • Launched challenges: Each challenge is shown with sender and opponent details.
    • Pending challenges: Challenges that are yet to be completed.
  5. Ranking: Player ranking with provisional points. The page refreshes every 5 seconds, and animations display changes in positions.
  6. Live Challenge: Shows activity between pairs of players. It includes the type of challenge ( simple, double, triple), player names, points won during the challenge, points finally assigned, and the winner (highlighted in green).

Regarding language:

  • If the monitor is launched from the web environment, it will be displayed in the same language as your environment.
  • If you use the public link, the monitor will launch in the same language as your browser.