The Failed questions ranking allows us to analyze the answer ratio for each of the questions of the game, ordered by most failed.

Most failed questions could be caused by errors or misunderstandings, so they should be reviewed at the beginning of the game.

You will find the Failed questions ranking under the Analysis tab > Failed questions ranking:

Once you click on "Failed questions ranking", you will see the information below:

  • Percentage of wrong answers, number of wrong answers and the total number of repetitions in the game.

Edit question:

  • You can edit the questions directly from this screen. We recommend anyway to maintain an updated version of the questions in an Excel file.

Export to Excel

  • From anywhere in the platform 
  • that you see this image, you can click to export all the information to an Excel file.

The fields provided by this export are:

This allow to know even how the users answer when they fail and which alternative answer is chosen