In this article you will see how the player ranking shows relevant information about the ranking but also player performance.

1. Select game

Select the game to show the ranking. Under the Analysis Tab click on "Players Ranking"

2. Position, Alias, User, Score, Award, Team

  • Position: ranking position
  • Alias and User: used to identify the users by alias, first name and last name
  • Score: total score in the game. By default, each correct answer will score 100 points and speed will score up to 20 extra points. This rule does not apply for advanced challenges (doubles, triples and 5%)
  • Award: If we configure an award inside the game it will appear here 
  • Team: If we are playing by team it will appear here

3. Challenges, %Won, Training

  • Challenges: number of completed challenges during the game
  • % Won: percentage of won challenges
  • Trainings: number of completed trainings

IMPORTANT: Trainings do not score points by default, but DO count in the % of valid answers and in the % of knowledge acquisition

4. %Valid answers, Final and Initial knowledge level, Education time

  • % Valid answers: global percentage of correct answers during all the game. 
  • Knowledge level: percentage of valid answers the last time the user answered all questions. It is the provable knowledge at any moment
  • Initial knowledge level: percentage of valid answers the first time the user answered all questions. It is the initial knowledge at the beginning if the game and before any learning due to the game
  • Education time (minutes): dedicated time in the app, based on answering time for each question

5. Export to Excel

  • Click to export all the information to Excel