Atrivity, like other online solutions and services, requires a username and password to enter the app. Your Atrivity account typically uses your company email address as well as a password set by your Atrivity game administrator.


Logging into Atrivity: email

If your company organizes a game for you, and you have a company email address, use this email address to log into Atrivity. Please enter this in the "email" section shown above. 

In some cases, companies organize games for people without corporate email addresses, such as retail employees at a store, or a partner or distributor of a company's products. If you fit this player profile, please use your primary email address provided to the company organizing the game to log into Atrivity.

Logging into Atrivity: Password

Your game administrator should have also created a password for you, and sent out a notification with these details so that you can enter the game. If you know your email address associated with your Atrivity account, but do not remember your password, simply enter your email address in the "email" section and click "Forgot your password?"

Resetting your Atrivity password

If you receive a message on your screen besides the one shown above, please contact your game administrator to receive your login information. If not, it means you have an Atrivity account and can reset your password on your own. Follow these instructions below to reset your password.

  1. Open your default email program and check for any emails with the subject "Password reset" (if this does not appear in your Inbox, check your Spam folder to see if the mail ended up there).
  2. Click Change Password in the e-mail to reset the password
  3. Create a new password and confirm the change by entering it in the "Password" and "Password confirmation" sections as shown below
  4. Click the OK button
  5. Log into Atrivity

You should now have access to your Atrivity game!

Atrivity support ticket

If none of these options work for you, someone from Atrivity can help you identify this information. Please contact us by creating a support ticket, indicating your first name, last name, company & e-mail address. One of our representatives will respond to your request as soon as possible.