We've integrated some interesting, new features into the Atrivity backend:

  • New copy game feature
  • New custom field feature

  • Revamped knowledge acquisition report

  • New remote game default settings

  • New “Mathematics” feature in the notifications editor

  • More admin rights for game masters: create additional game masters

  • Performance enhancements

New copy game feature

Atrivity now lets you duplicate an entire game in the backend with all of its elements: game parameters, questions, players, teams, awards, notifications, automated challenges and monitors. Depending on the options selected when duplicating the game and its new start date, Atrivity copies all data and schedules all notifications and automated challenges with the new dates.

If you want to learn more about how to set up remote games, click the following link: read more

New custom field feature

You can now define up to 5 custom user fields in your environment.

Once you configure them in your environment, each user profile will include all these fields.

With this update, Atrivity is prepared to use this data in the future. With future updates to the product, users will have the ability to edit these custom game parameters in the app while game masters will import and export this data to Excel in the backend and carry out different analyses based on these custom fields.

Revamped knowledge acquisition report

Up until now, you could analyze results in the Knowledge Acquisition report by Question. You could filter by question, most failed questions and other details and export this information to Excel as long as game activity was not extremely high. However, users did not request this information very often. Knowledge is rarely analyzed beyond the correct answer rate. If you use the Failed Questions Ranking option, you can find the individual fail rate per question.

Because of this, the Knowledge Acquisition report now focuses on Categories. Filters by question and most failed question therefore do not appear here anymore. Exportable information to Excel reaches the Category level.

You can also export other useful data to Excel from this report:

  • Team
  • Player
  • Category
  • Questions answered and failed

You can therefore have information about the correct answer rate by category in the graphic and export this same data into Excel by category.

New remote game default settings

Default settings for remote games, based on experience over time, were configured with limits that seemed to be too demanding for the players. Stated in another way, they served as limits to avoid having players play excessively but not as reachable objectives based on time dedicated to them. Because of this, they may have caused some players to feel unmotivated to play. From now on, we use the following default values for remote games:

  • Maximum number of challenges per day: 40 to 25
  • Maximum number of challenges between the same players in a day: 10 to 5
  • Experience Levels:
    • Advanced: 10 to 30
    • Expert: 40 to 60
    • Master: 100 to 90
    • Legend: 180 to 120

With the new configuration for a 5-day game, players can complete a maximum of 125 challenges instead of 200.

New "Mathematics" feature in the notifications editor

Our notifications editor now supports editing of equations and algebraic formulas. While specifically related to scientific content, users will benefit from improved display of mathematic formulas in the notifications. The editor also uses TeX, a very popular font in the academic world used particularly by the mathematics, physics, chemistry and information technology communities.

More admin rights for game masters: create additional game masters

With an Enterprise subscription to Atrivity, you can always have an unlimited number of Game Masters and Analysts who manage the environment. However, assigning these roles to users always required support from a Customer Success Representative at Compettia to make this change effective in Atrivity. Now any Game Master can enable these permissions for other users within their environment.

Performance enhancements

Atrivity statistics keep rising steadily. We’ve already exceeded 50 million questions answered by our players and over 20,000 users play our trivia games every month. 

Enhancing Atrivity and boosting its performance is essential to us. We recently added more resources and incorporated some enhancements:

  • Boosted performance in high volume games
  • Improved ranking and player search features.
  • Faster export of information from the backend into Excel.
  • Other minor performance improvements