Here you will learn how to import users from an Excel file.

1. Make sure your player's file is good to go!

The Excel file should contain the following 6 columns:
  • Alias (30 characters)
  • Login (email)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password (generic password)
  • Change password (we recommend filling with "Yes" for a more secure registration process)
  • Team - If you are playing with teams, you must upload teams first (see how)

IMPORTANT: After you fill the file with the players information, delete row number 2 used as a reference for the columns. You will find the file attached to this article.

2. Select your game

After you have created or cloned your game, select it by clicking on it.

3. Click the Users tab followed by the Import button to import your file

4. Once you click "import", you will be directed to select a file from your computer - in this case, the players file previously filled by you. 

5.  Select the worksheet

Select the Excel worksheet in the drop-down that contains your users. Make sure you name it without spaces. The system will recognize the required fields from the Excel columns if the names are the same. 

All the fields marked in red with an * are mandatory.

Click the SEND button to upload users into your game.

IMPORTANT: Checking the box "Update existing records" will replace all the information you have already uploaded to the platform. If you need to update some specific fields regarding the users, you can update the Excel file and upload it again by choosing from the drop-down menus above the information you would like to update. Then check the box "Update existing records" and click on Import.

6. Users Imported!

Users were successfully imported into the game. New users can now log into the game with their e-mail addresses and password. Existing users will have their accounts updated with the new information; if all the details remain the same, then they will just be added to the game. 

In the screenshot below we can see that players added to the game already had Atrivity accounts.

  • Created 0 Users: 0 new users were created
  • Updated 0 Users: 0 users experienced changes to their accounts
  • Added to games 4 Users: 4 users with Atrivity accounts now have access to the game
  • Added to teams 0 Users: 0 users added to any Team in the game
  • Deleted 0 Users: 0 users were deleted from the game