From  bottom toolbar  the user can navigate to Games section

and this game screen is  split into 3 different sections: 

Active and upcoming games

Screen includes current and future games, regardless of whether the game status is Active or Inactive. It displays the following details: logo, name, number of days active (if currently in progress) or number of days until the game starts (upcoming games). If a player has any pending challenges, a red circle appears over the game icon with the number of challenges.

Only players assigned to the game can play and they do not have to complete any registration process.

Catalog (new section with Atrivity 2.1 launch)

Users can now see permanent and onboarding game here if they have not accepted their invitation to play the game.

From a player's standpoint, if a game appears in this section, it means they should confirm they will participate in the game. Once the player taps the game icon, a welcome page appears on the screen and they can start the game or go back and exit this screen. For more information about these games, please review the article How to configure an onboarding game. Once the player agrees to participate in the game, Atrivity moves it to the Active and upcoming games section..

Finished games

Past games appear in this section. The player can access the game to review their statistics, ranking and activity. Even if a game is inactive, players can also train if you enable training in the game configuration section..

Game screen design