The customization of the environment in Atrivity allows to change the sender email address for notifications. In order to send emails from that sender at Amazon (were Atrivity is hosted), you need to verify the sender. Please follow these steps.


Customize sender


You should only include the email address and not the name of the sender, as shown below. 


Send email to verify email address


Click on "Validate Email account" to start the process. The system will show a message indicating that you will receive an email to verify the account.


Email received and verification link

The email will contain a verification link. Click on the URL to authorize the use of this email address






Amazon confirmation page


The verification link will guide us to a "Verification Successful" page, indicating you can begin sending email from this address.






Validation successful


Once verified, edit the Atrivity environment to confirm that the email address is verified. You will see a "Validation status: Success" message






Customize the sender name


Once verified, you can add the sender name before the email address as shown below.