With a standard game, user registration consists of importing an Excel file with contact information: name, email, team, etc. However...

What happens if I don't have e-mail addresses for my players? 

What happens if I organize an open game without targeting specific players? 

What if I organize an open game on social media networks?

We’ll answer these questions in this article and explain different methods that you can use to register players in a game:

Uploading users into the game

With a standard game, you define which users will participate in the game and have all their contact information available. This is the easiest way to register all players and it allows for immediate communication with them in the system.

Uploading dummy users

If we did not have basic player information or e-mail addresses, we normally create dummy players for a game. Although this method works, it has a huge disadvantage: it is more impersonal and does not encourage game participation.

HTML Code for the game form

We have integrated a new feature within the game management environment that lets you announce your game on your website and allows players to register for the game. When you display a game, a new Integration section appears that contains HTML code for a registration form. You can insert this text into any web page and this allows for automatic user registration. You only need one person who knows HTML on your team to integrate it into your website. CSS knowledge would be ideal for advanced styling options.

Access the game using the magnifying glass to see the HTML code for the form.

This automatic registration feature includes the ability to customize account activation and account confirmation messages in different languages within your environment. Click the edit icon to access the environment.

Do you want us to help you to create a microsite?

Here at Compettia, we can help you to develop a microsite with game content and the registration process. This microsite features:

  1. Home page containing:
    • Game description
    • Prize information
    • Game rules
  2. Page with registration form to add player data.
  3. Customized account activation and account confirmation messages as well as links to download the app.

Does this sound interesting? For more information, please send an email to sales@compettia.com.