Publishing a Post consists of associating a date and a game to a documentation, in order to share it on the Atrivity platform. This way it can be used as learning material or simply as a corporate disclosure.

On  menu Contents > Posts > Add a Post  , you can define the communication to be published. The basic data to be filled in are:

  • Cover image
  • Location at Feed and/or Collections *MANDATORY at least one
  • Status
  • Date or ordinary day from the start for a  OnBoarding game.
  • Content for every language:
    • Subject - description.
    • Content, one of these:
      • Body: Rich text even images, symbols and tables.
      • URL of any web: Location web of  learning material , it could be a classical HTML Web, a PDF file , a video or  slides content allocated always on-line.

Depending on whether we are going to publish our own content or through a URL, the appropriate text box is filled in.

Once the Post is finished, you can associate Automatic Challenges . It is also possible to give a specific visibility in the sections corresponding to users/groups:

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