Play with teams

You can play the game individually or with teams. When you play with teams, game dynamics remain individual (a single player always challenges another player). However, team results appear in the ranking based on the average score obtained by all its members.

If you want a player to belong to a team, you must first create the team in the system.

Import a list of teams

Inside the Players template, the Users worksheet contains a column called Team. Write the team for your player here:

Another worksheet called Teams within the same Players template lets you create all the teams you want to include in your game:

From the platform, go to Users/Teams/Import teams

Select the file you want to import, choose the worksheet Teams and import the column Teams

Import images for teams

You can assign an avatar to each team. The process is simple. Give a JPG file the same name as your team and assign it in the Import images screen.

Now you created teams in Atrivity and each one has an image. 

You can now import players into your game and Atrivity will assign each player to their corresponding team. (Click here if you want to learn more about how to import users).